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Preservatives and Additives

Live healthier by eliminating or reducing the intake of process foods (which contains lots of preservatives and additives) and eating lots of fruits and vegetables in its natural form.

Preservatives and additives are great for business and its share holders. Today's approach is presentation and taste first and nutritional quality second or should I say a lonely last. The incompatible chemical additives and preservative dumped in our food during production daily is achieving just this. The food is so appealing and finger linking good that you can use the word sexy to describe it. That’s right; the food has a sex appeal that is addictive to its consumers.

Process foods for profit is the slogan that comes to mind when thinking of how great the food look for weeks at a time and the unthinkable taste that is achieved by manufactures. We’re hooked (or should I say, we're addicted) on these food and most of our kids have no concept of fresh food at all. Ask your child and significant other to describe the types of food they would most and least prefer to eat daily. What are you putting in your pantry and refrigerator? Are you making your family sick with the foods and spices you purchase?

The pop tart age is deeply embedded in communities around the country and the age of science has afforded us the opportunity to take full advantage of this quick fast and in a hurry phenomena. The people seem to take it all in stride with the help of their high blood pressure medicine, insulin for diabetes, and all the other drugs that the pharmaceutical companies would love use to consume. More toxins on top of existing toxins seems to be the way of life we prefer for our bodies.

Keep it moving, a phrase comely used today to push each of us to the limit giving us just enough time to indulge in quick intoxicating toxins presented in the form of our favorite fast food restaurants, vending machines, and process foods at home. Ron Lagerquist, author of the book North American Diet go into all the details on what is in our food today.

He says “Dyes, bleaches, antioxidants, preservatives, chemical flavors, buffers, noxious sprays, alkalizers, acidifiers, deodorants, moisteners, drying agents, expanders, modifiers, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, clarifiers, disinfectants, defoliants, fungicides, neutralizers, anticaking and antifoaming agents, hydrolyzers, hydrogenators, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, steroids and four thousand other drugs that just make your mouth water with anticipation. They find their way into the human food chain and become the raw materials for every cell of your body. They disrupt the natural chemistry resulting in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, allergies, diverticulitis, emphysema, stomach ulcers, premature aging, impotence, hypoglycemia and arthritis. These countless diseases exist because chemically-synthesized substances disrupt the bio-chemistry of hundreds of billions of microscopic living cells which make up the body.”

What more is there to say about the consumers who use everything that is marketed to them in a world class ad which is designed to make profits for big business. Profits are souring and we are beginning to suffer at the hands of it.

Remember to consume lot of fruits and vegetables in it natural form and reduce the intake of process foods to help live a healthier life.

Read the excerpt from NORTH AMERICAN DIET in it's entirety


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