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6 Dietary Tips to What Diabetics Should Eat?

There are foods that may cause some of the problems that so many adults and children are facing today. Diabetes is one of several illnesses that have become common place. High Blood Pressure seems to link itself to this illness. We list 6 dietary guidelines for diabetics below, but you should also know that food additives like MSG, preservatives, and gluten may cause diabetes. These additives are found in food seasonings, process foods, packaged foods, and in many restaurants. You may want to become familiar with these additives and avoid them as much as possible. (Visit links MSG, preservatives, gluten to see additives you should stay away from.)

Dietary guidelines (What should diabetics eat):

  1. Increase intake of high-fiber foods such as whole wheat bread, beans, brown rice, bran cereal, psyllium (Metamucil), and vegetables. ( If Gluten intolerant, avoid wheat & dairy products, if you’re not sure have a test done by a doctor familiar with celiac disease. Use spelt bread & rice pastas)
  2. Increase use of monounsaturated oils such as olive and canola oils and omega-3 fatty acids from certain fish (salmon, tuna, halibut, rainbow trout, sardines, and anchovies) and flax seed oil. (If pregnant/nursing, avoid high levels of mercury, often found in tuna, shark etc.)
  3. Reduce consumption of simple sugars (sodas, sweets, etc.) and refined starches(white bread, white rice, pasta, and others made from white flour).
  4. Consume a variety of fruits and vegetables for their protective antioxidant and phytochemical constituents.
  5. Choose lean, high quality protein sources such as chicken, turkey, lean beef, fish, low-fat cottage cheese, and beans.
  6. Limit alcohol consumption to no greater than 2 ounces of wine, beer, or distilled spirits daily. (Red wine is preferred-generally men should not have more than two glasses and women no more than one glass a day).

Fact or not: Sugar slows the metabolism;  Preservative will prolong food shelf life and in your system;  Growth hormones are used to produce food bigger and faster. What effect do you think this has on your body?

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