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Black Friday Sales, Some May Not Make the Cut

Image of moneyThe holidays are upon us and many stores prepare for the big shopping day," Black Friday Sales day". Stores use Black Friday to boost holiday sales by luring holiday shoppers into their space with a dusting of holiday specials hoping customers will purchase other items that aren’t much of a deal. The average shopper should exercise caution on Black Friday to prevent from running their credit card up with unplanned purchases that are not much of a deal or purchasing item with rebates that are often unclaimed.

Black friday Sales & The Empowered Shopper

This year, empower yourself by taking advantage of major holiday sale days like "Black Friday" and keep your holiday debt down to a minimum; preferably no debt at all by becoming the educated shopper or should I say and empowered shopper.

Empowered shoppers enjoy the holiday season and months to follow year after year using a planned approach to the holiday season. They take advantage of Black Friday sales, they have gatherings, outings, and conversations with family and friends early into the season to uncover that special gift to add to their holiday shopping list. The empowered shopper will categorize the specialty items that are a must have and items that can be replaced. They understand that their flexible list will more than likely be a Black Friday item and in some cases a specialty item may show up. Now, it’s time to discover all the deals that are available during the up and coming season.

To prepare for this year’s season, the educated shopper determines if your items are included in any Black Friday Sales, on Ebay, or other sales. They then visit the many black Friday web site, Ebay, local bargain stores, news papers, and other shops to see if their items are included in any specials. Once the discovery is made they determine if the item is truly a bargain. They ask questions like, is this mail-in rebate item or an item that is discounted in store? Can I find this item in other stores at a better price? Pay attention to rebate sales items that are often not much of a rebate. You may want to leave these items on the shelf if you’re not willing to fill out forms and be patient on receiving your refund check. Other stores may have a similar sale that does not require the cumbersome rebates forms.

black friday sales TIPs:

To compare prices go online to sites like, or other similar sites. You can take the best price and compare it to your local sales paper. Place a price on each item and you’ll have a list to go off to the races.

Be sure to stick to your list and price range, it will keep you focused and out of debt. Besides, you will accomplish more which leaves time to enjoy the day at your favor spot in town with a family member or friend.

You are now ready to select your shopping destinations with your listed information and begin your adventure. Before you take the plunge, be sure to bring the ads you found. It may be used to avoid any disputes over how much an item is supposed to cost on Black Friday. Having the ad also could come in handy at stores promising “lowest-price” guarantees – especially if you find lower prices elsewhere.

Finally, you did not make the Black Friday frenzy. Not to worry, there will be other great sales before the big day. - 300x250

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