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Is Your Pantry Making You Sick

What's In Your Pantry?

Is your choice of foods and spices contributing to you living a healthy life style or is it a burden on your health? Most consumers’ haven’t given this much consideration. We assume that the food we purchase from the grocery store is safe and will provide us with the nutrition that we need. After all the food we purchase is approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

We like to ask our viewers questions that stimulate thought regarding their approach to eating. Have you examined your daily diet? Do you know how you eat may effect your health and weight? Do you understand that fast, convenient, or instant may reduce your life expectancy or cause disease and illnesses? How important is my health too me? These are question that you should ask yourself before you pickup an item off the grocery shelf.

The mission of this section is to inform our viewers on how to choose and prepare food related items for the kitchen, and what we can do when eating out. To ground our viewers on the results of a poor diet, we'd like all of our viewers, especially those who are concerned with high blood pressure and diabetes to view an excellent article on high blood pressure. This article suggests dietary supplement that everyone should consider to keep their body and mind functioning optimally. We offer a second article on childhood obesity which is another great article that is good for parents with children and adults that are facing this problem.

Note: When purchasing food, think about:

preservatives and what effect it may have, the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables locally, purchasing seasonings without msg, reducing sugar intake, buy all natural or organic items, adding green and ginger tea to your diet, pursing healthy snacks. Always cater to your body and health first and everything else will fall in line. Be the best you, you can be. Balance and moderation is the key.

Consumer Information

  1. NLSONLINE a library online recalls for various categories.
  2. database of personal, first-hand, consumer experiences with products and services.
  3. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission  find Product recalls and other consumer press releases.
  4. (FSIS) Food Safety and Inspection Service This page contains summary data on active food recall cases.
  5. What to Do If You Have a Problem with Food Products Problems: Your hot dog has a strip of plastic inside. The canned chili contains a metal washers contact (FSIS) Food Safety and Inspection Service
  6. Most telemarketers cannot call your telephone number if it has been registered properly by utilizing the National Do Not Call Registr

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